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I wanna know if there's a word processor out there that can highlight bodies of text that contain words I specify, so I can cut and paste them all at once.

For example if I Ctrl+F the word 'city,' the locations of that word would be on a single sentence, in some cases two, in some cases an entire paragraph.

As in: 'I went to the city.' I want to take the whole sentence, even if it's just by itself.

Or: 'I went to the city. There was a ton of traffic.' I want both sentences, as a body of text.

Or a paragraph; it would take the whole thing. Basically, any size body of text that contains the word city, I want highlighted so I can just cut and paste it elsewhere. Kind of like a triple-click, except you're highlighting multiple bodies instead of just one.

I asked someone and they said MS Word can't do this. But, I'm curious if maybe another program could. Do you know any?

Thanks if you can help,

Well, word COULD do it in that a a single click selects a location, a double click selects the word and a treble click selects the paragraph - so there are ways of selecting part or all of a document.  Additonally, you could use a macro to do what you wanted - BUT the problem based on the description is there is no clear rule about how much you want to take, and it is therefore hard to produce a process to automate it - happy to expand on this if you can explain your rules so I can see a logic behind them?

Sorry for delay in replying - for some reason, the original notification of the question didn't come through to me.
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