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I am writing on behalf of a friend who is having some very odd things happening with this software.

1.  Sporadically, when she tries to type something into the middle of a sentence already written, instead of inserting, it actually inserts AND deletes everything in it's path. How can this be prevented, or fixed?

2.  When attempting to use her Delete key in this program only, it does not delete, but instead places a full stop in it's place. I should point out that there is a full stop on the same key (above the words 'delete'). How can this be prevented or fixed?

Any help would be gratefully received, as I don't use Works and have not seen anything quite like it!. She uses Windows 7.


The usual suspect for the overwrite option in Works is the insert key has been pressed, depending on the keyboard layout this is usually the culprit.

the other one would using the Delete key on the numerical keypad, which unless the numlock is active will place a fullstop instead.


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