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Trying to help my father who has friends running older versions of MS Word (version 7 and older).  On his older PC running 32 bit WinXP and Office 2007 / MS Works 8.5 we were able to open works document files in Word using the Microsoft supplied converter and also in Works 8.5, but I am not sure if a converter was loaded in it.  We are now running 64 bit Windows 7 SP1, 32 bit Office 2013 and 32 bit Works 8.5 and can not open these same old format Works files.  I can open those same files on a my computer in Office 2007 (1,200 miles away), but not in either Office 2013 or Works 8.5.  My father's friends will continue to send him works format files, so a 1 time conversion of all files to .docx is insufficient.  Is there a new converter for Office 2013 or Works 8.5 or settings to change to get this working on this computer?


the works files should open in 8.5 if they were created in 8.5.  You can try downloading the works converter and see it that will work for office 2013 (I haven't upgraded yet so am not sure).  This link will lead you to the converters.


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