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Microsoft Works/Opening Works 4.0b on G5 iMac


br wrote at 2013-05-11 03:56:04
The link above is dead, but your problem may not be enough memory, but the fact that the OLE extension is missing.  If you have the original install disks and a drive that can read them, reinstall.

I did not, but fortunately I had another machine with a working copy of Works 4.0 to get the files from.

You want check your /System Folder/Extensions for the following files:

Microsoft OLE Automation

Microsoft OLE Extension

Microsoft OLE Library

The Microsoft OLE Extension is probably the most critical, but it would not hurt to add the other two if you can find them.

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Mike VanHorn


Versions of Works previous to Works v5 ( 2000 ), but I will take v5 and v6 questions, too. I have copies of the DOS and Macintosh versions, too, so I can try to reproduce your errors.


I have used Works since version 1.05 for DOS back in the 80s. I have run a web site, currently at, since 1996, and was even profiled by Microsoft on their Works web site.

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