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Hi, I am nervous about having sex. But, being in the 7th grade, it seems like all my friends are doing it. I hooked up with guy who isn't pressuring me much, but last night he asked for a blowjob. I told him my teeth hurt and he seemed cool with that. But he kissed my breasts and tried to finger me. I asked him not to but his hands in my pants and he moved them. Finally, he stopped but I was real nervous. I don't know what to even do too much. I want to look up on the internet, but my mom checks my history. Only penis I've ever seen was my dad's, like a year ago I walked in on him in the bathroom. Hope my boyfriend isn't that big, I couldn't ever fit that in my mouth. I just don't know what I'm even supposed to do.

Hi Jess,

Sorry for the late/delay in responding been so busy my self...
I dont know if you read my profile or the question I posted long ago...
I too was much like you and was not ready for sex and didnt want to either after seeing my cousin go through abortion.
I didnt think of oral sex as sex so that helped me a lot I guess.
And I was always into eating sour/salty stuff that helped a lot too, I will explain shortly.
No dont worry about putting the whole thing in your mouth no one ever really do that unless its porn star lol.
PS guys dont really like that since most of their sensitivity is on the head. You might what to just try sometimes to just for fun or to turn on the guy more.
All you have to do is ask the guy they know what they want and will guide you.
Just think of it like eating/sucking on a lollipop and/or Popsicle and imitate the same on the guys cock head they will guide you through the rest.
Just be careful guys at this age tend to cum quickly if you are not used to the taste and feel you might gag on the sperm when they cum in your mouth.
And they always try to hold you and try to cum in the mouth is like they get tensed and cant help themself until they finishing cumming.
Back to the taste...so guys and depending on what they had to eat etc the pre-cum/cum might taste different each time and different level of slimliness or thickness etc. and sometimes even the smell is strong.
Guys tend to like to cum in your mouth.
I can give you some tips for starter to stay a bit clean i guess...
So best way to do this if you want the most control is to have the guy stand against the wall and you get on your knees. This way he cant reach or do much to you, one thing he can do is reach your head that he might try to hold down when he cums.
If you are in this position you can keep your keep your cloths on even, but I recommend if you are going back to class or home to open or take off your top, this will help turn on the guy also prevent from getting sperm on your top that can leave a strong smell unless you planing on swallowing everything.
You can practice with a banana you can put it in your mouth and take it out and suck on the tip like a lollipop and lick the top etc this will get them going. When you start doing this you can see how the guy react and change up your routine and pace etc and also he will for sure be letting your know what he likes and will guide you.
When you feel the cock getting a bit tense and the guy moaning be ready your will get his cum sometimes its hard to pull out in time and you might get the 1st shot in your mouth and the guy will try to make you stay so that can be hard at times.
If you see the signs early your can pull out early and just finish him with a handjob and let him cum on your breast they will like that as well.
I noticed guys at this age cum fast so you dont have to spend too much time if you got the science right and not hurt your knees lol...but they re-charge fast too...and would want it again..you can always say time for class or mom waiting and run off they have to get dressed so you have time to get away.
If you are on google chat or use email I can try to help answer any other questions you have.
Let me know hope I not too late.

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I'm going to my final year in University after I finish my work term. I am originally South Asian, more specifically Sri Lankan. Growing up in Canada and the school system, I can help with peer pressure issues, boyfriend(s), friends with benefits as well as cultural/Racial issues when it comes to sex and pressure at school and outside of school and sex at school or during your time at school (ie high school years). I can also give some insight to problems when sex and cultural and social issues collide as well as dealing with parents and relatives who are strict as well as jealous girls. Having gone through all this I would like to use my experience to advise anyone who might have similar issues or questions and hopefully help them out. I turned to and wanted to volunteer here since long ago I came to the site by accident looking for advise and the advise I received did help me make some decisions and would like to return the favour. My original post/story is under (Middle School Life/Blowjob Slut under url http://en.allexperts.com/q/Middle-School-Life-3836/2010/8/Blowjob-Slut.htm ) for those who want a bit more insight into one of the issues I dealt with in school. You can ask me anything if you can tell me your age and cultural background if you think it will help and I will try my best to give my take on your issue, just a direction or something for you to think about not necessary to follow and hopefully it will help you.


My experience comes from going through highschool and facing issues because my cultural/racial differences and trying to fit in and trying to please everyone. I can relate to issues with cultural gaps and jealousy of girls. I have been called slut by tamil girls just because I was a bit more open minded. They had called me Lankan Slut, Tamil Slut, Sinhalse Slut etc all the while I learnt later that they were much more slutty then me and have done much more then me and just used me or called me that to make them look better. If you have such issues please let me know, I have been there. I have learned a lot and would like to share experience that can relate to your issues to help you out. I find having such or any help where you can remain unknown you can ask questions that you can not normally ask others and have cultural difference that affect social life with relatives, friends and at school is something different I can offer from my experience something I didnt have. And I still believe this not available since girls in our culture are scared to ask or talk about sexual issues and what I find more alarming is that there is no help set up for this since no one wants to take on this role since they believe it would look bad for anyone to be part of this or provide advise and they believe no one will approach them even if help was setup. Mostly fear of others finding out. Even if I can help one person, even if it makes me look like a slut, I will be happy to do that.

Sri Lankan, Lankan, Canadian, Toronto

I have successfully completed highschool and on track and doing well in University even on a work terms and will be going to my final year at university to finish my degree.

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