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My LMP the 6th of september,that would make me 10 weeks 5 days. Going by my ultrasound would make me 11 weeks exact. Im trying to find out when i most likley conceived. I apprciate your help

ANSWER: Dear Chatel,
In order to answer this question better, I would need to know how long your cycles are. Going by the LMP only accurate if your cycles are regularly 28 days. If they are longer or shorter than that it is not accurate, so I would then go by the ultrasound dates.
If you'd like to write back with how long your cycles are, I can help you figure it out more accurately.
Best of luck,

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QUESTION: my cycles are 34-35 days

Usually you ovulate about 14 days before your next period. So you probably ovulated about day 20, which means that you could have gotten pregnant anywhere between day 16-25 of your cycle, which means September 22 to October 1. Since sperm can live in the woman for up to five days, and the egg can live in the woman for up to 3 days after ovulation, the window of time in which you can get pregnant is pretty wide.  


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