QUESTION: Hi I've asked this question before, but I wanted to get someone elses opinion. I have irregular periods but i remember that my last lmp was on 11/16/10 and i found out i was preggo on the 16th of Dec with a blood test.At that time i was told i was 2 weeks.On 01/10/11 i had a vaginal ultrasound that said i was 7weeks and 6days which matched my lmp exactly with a due date of 8/23/11..Then on 04/06/11 i was 20weeks and 1day and the ultrasound said 20weeks with a due date of 8/24/11.I had sex with guy 1 on the 22nd of november while on my period(I don't remember it being to heavy)I was bleeding but he did not ejaculate in me(pre-cum), then i had sex with guy 2 on 27th of november and he did ejaculate in me, and we continued to have sex until i found out i was pregnant..My period slacked up after I had sex with guy 1, but I do remember bleeding heavy on the 25th of november, and then it was done the next day.Who is more likely to be the father? Was the bleeding on the 25th still my period or was it ovulation/implantation bleeding? How accurate was my first and second ultrasound? Thank you...

ANSWER: Dear Tiff,
Early ultrasounds are very accurate, only off by a day, maybe two days. Later ultrasounds can be off by as much as two weeks, so I would go by your earlier ultrasound. Your ultrasound dates indicate that you conceived on or around November 30th. So based on that, it is only slightly more like that the second man is the father. The issue is that sperm can live in the woman's reproductive tract for up to 5 days, so it is possible that an encounter from 5 days before the egg meets the sperm can be the one that causes conception.
If a woman has 28 day cycles, she would ovulate and most likely conceive around day 14 (14 days before she would be due for her next period). If she has longer cycles, she would be fertile later on in her cycle.
Since the two possible dates of conception are so close to each other, I don't know if it's possible to know for certain who the father is without a test.
Implantation bleeding usually happens 1-2 weeks after conception, so I do not know what your bleeding on November 25 could have been from.
It's not clear what you mean when you say your period 'slacked up'. Were you still bleeding at that point? Do you normally bleed for over a week when you get your period? About how long are your cycles, usually?
I'm sorry there are no clear answers, feel free to add more information, and I'll see if it makes the possibilities more clear.
Best of luck,

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QUESTION: Thank you for taking time out to give me some answers. When I stated that my period slacked up I mean it acted like it was about to go off but then it stayed on after the sex with guy 1. My periods are irregular so I never know when they are coming on. I usually bleed for 7 days when I do get them, and sometimes they will last longer. It just depends on my body I guess. I just always assumed because they were irregular that is why they it may stay a few more days than usual. I always here that precum can't get you pregnant and being that my period was on I felt that the chances were even slimmer for conception from guy 1. As you mentioned above if the ultrasound is only off a day or two at most then the sex from guy 1 would not match I would think because the sperm/precum would of have to have lasted 6 to 7 days right? I think the bleeding on the 25th was still my period, because it was just to heavy to be implantation.

Dear Tiff,
If you were still on your period during the first encounter, then it is pretty much certain that you conceived with the second man.
Some sperm can sometimes sneak in to the precum, making it possible to conceive even if the man pulls out. It is less likely, since there are so few sperm there, but still possible. But according to the dates you wrote, the second man is most likely the father.
Best of luck,


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