I had my 1st scan and was told my gestational age was 9Weeks 5Days on the 14th of December. My due dat is the 14th July 2013.
I did not tell the nurse when my last period was although I knew it was on the 7th of October. When I do conception calculations they all give me the exact same due date as the nurse. Is it possible that I could have conceived on the 29th of October and if so how likely is this. If not when did I mos likely conceive?

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If your LMP was October 7th, and your periods are approximately 28-32 days, then you most likely conceived somewhere around October 21-25. If your periods are longer than that, then you conceived later. Early ultrasounds are quite accurate, off by possibly a day or two, not more. (Later ultrasounds are not nearly as accurate, and can be off by as much as two weeks!) If the ultrasound gives your due date as July 14th, then you most likely conceived on October 21, give or take a day or two.
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