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Midwives/Ultrasound in 1st trimester


Thanks Sheva for the relief. I'm also a bit confuse when they come to the measurements of the baby. As I told you, when I went to my first doctors visit & they make an ultrasound that said I'm 11w1d. I told my doctor I was not that far along, we even argue a little bit about her not measuring the baby right! So my point is, why didn't she just told me she added 2 extra weeks? She just said that my baby does not look like a 9 week baby.

The reason she argued with you is probably because she didn't understand you.
She was talking medical weeks, and you were talking real weeks. Ask her next time for the number from conception instead of from your LMP. Or ask her, if you say 13 weeks, that means 13 weeks from my LMP, right? That means that it's 11 weeks from conception, right?
When you say 9 weeks, she 'hears' 9 weeks from LMP, because that's the only way doctors count.
Good luck!


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