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Midwives/Ultrasound in 1st trimester


Dear Sheva, so on 01/14/13 I went to my first doctors appointment. And they told me I am 11 weeks & 1 day! Which I don't think so! I know this b/c I know my LMP and it was in 10/28/12. Wich by that date I was still in my period & not pregnant. I belive I'm around 9 weeks instead of 11 weeks. I know many women don't feel implantation happening? But in my case I have felt it with my first child & now this baby, wich it happened on 11/23/12. It seems so absurd that she said I'm 11 weeks! B/c I know for sure I am not. Please help me understand this better...

Dear Gaby,
You are 100% correct. You are not pregnant for 11 weeks. However, when they count the 40 weeks of pregnancy, they include the two weeks before you conceived, so they're actually counting from your LMP and not the date of conception.
So if they say you're 11 weeks and 1 day, that means your baby is now 9 weeks and 1 day old (give or take a day or two). Early ultrasounds are quite accurate.
Congratulations and good luck on your pregnancy!


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