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QUESTION: My LMP was 23 December. I don't have regular periods. I had sex with my bf on 6th jan, 10th jan and 14th jan. I broke up with him and went with another guy and had sex with him
On 16th jan. though he ejaculated outside, but I doubt that since he pulled out at last
Minute he might have spilled a part of it inside me. I tested positive on 25th jan morning. It was a very faint positive and test sensitivity was 50 iu/ml. And again at night I took test which was strong positive. I had first ultrasound on 13 feb which showed me 6 weeks 6 days. CRL 8mm and MSD 16mm.
Confused who the father is and why doesn't my ultrasound match my LMP. Please help. I'm
Really concerned about my conception date

ANSWER: Based on the dates you gave me, it's most likely that you conceived somewhere between January 9th and 11th. Your ultrasound confirms my calculations.
It may help if you could tell me how long your cycles usually are, on average.
Best of luck,

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QUESTION: Well i have been charting my periods . My cycles for 6 months Immediately preceding my pregnancy  have been 38 days, 30 days, 33 days, 39 days, 32 days and 27 days. 27 days is cycle length of my last cycle. Since my cycle sometimes extend till 38-39 days, so I fear if I got pregnant by inter course on 16th jan. And I tested very faint postive on 25th jan using test of 50 ui/ml sensitivity. Can u rule out pregancy by intercourse on 16th jan??

It's not common to test positive so soon after conception, and you tested positive only 9 days after January 16th. Additionally, the ultrasound dates point very strongly towards your BF. It's *most* likely that he is the father. However, since the possible dates of conception are so close together (14th and 16th), I don't think it's responsible for me to completely rule out either possibility  with 100% certainty without a paternity test.


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