QUESTION: I made a stupid mistake and had sex with an ex on my third cycle day which was august 2nd.....i was of course still bleeding and continued till the 6th..my lmp was july 31 2012 i then didnt have intercourse till the 9th of August all the way up till my missed period on the 28th...i went for an ultrasound at 5 weeks 2 days and it said i was due may 9th the nxt one at 9weeks said may 6th and as well as the one i had at 19 weeks my question hen did i conceive and what are the chances it being my ex since my ultrasoumds line up perfectly with my lmp puttin conception from august 9th to august 18th?

ANSWER: Dear Shay,
There is no egg available to be fertilized while you are menstruating. It is not possible for you to have conceived then. *Even* if you factor in the fact that sperm can live in the woman for up to five days, they would have all died by August 7th, so you are safe.
If your LMP was July 31 then you were probably fertile (possible to get pregnant) between August 8-16, at the very most most.
Best of luck,

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QUESTION: So it will be my fiance's right we was active all the days from the 9th to the 28th? I have a normal 28 day cycle i was sure i ovulated any where from the 12th -16th...im just not wanting to say anything if there is no possibility of it not bein his...and if i had conceived then the ultrasound would have made me farther right a week is a big difference?

If you were really a week further, the ultrasound would have definitely picked it up.
I really don't think there's a possibility that you conceived before August 8th.
Just to clarify, since it's not 100% clear from your first question: Did you have sex with your fiance' any time between August 6th-August 28th?
If yes, then I think you can be sure that it is your fiance's.
Best of luck,


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