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Hope you can help as I am very confused about the dates and how everything is worked out . I slept with a girl only once on the 21st march 2013 but she also slept with someone else the beginning of April and now she is pregnant. She was having pain and ended up going to the hospital for a scan on the 8th may 2013 and said she was 7 weeks 4 days and that er due date is boxing day. She then has been to her dating scan on 19th June 2013 and said she is 13 weeks tommrow which would be the 20th June 2013 and her due date is still boxing day she also said to me that she conceived between 14th and 21st of march. So could you please tell me if it is mine or not as I'm not sure how to work it out as I am confused.

When they count weeks, they add two on to the end to guess the woman's last period.
If she measured 13 weeks, that means she was 11 weeks from conception on June 20th. If you calculate 11 weeks back from June 20th, her conception date is approximately April 5th.
If she measured 7 weeks 4 days on May 8th, she was 5 weeks 4 days from conception. With that calculation, she conceived on approximately May 31st.
Early ultrasounds can be off by a day, max 2 days, but are unlikely to be off by 10 days. That would be extremely rare.
It is most likely that you are not the father.
You can ask her doctor what his calculations are for dates of conception.
It is odd that they gave her two such disparate dates. In such a case it would be smart to hear the information straight from the doctor.
Of course, the only way to guarantee that she knows the real father is by doing a paternity test.
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