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Hopefully you can help me. My LMP was March 27,2013. I had sex for the last time with my  ex partner on March 22, 2013. I got a new partner & we had sex for the first time on April 2, 2013 &  
presently. According to LMP I'm 9weeks and 2days today June 7, 2013 but also today June 7, 2013 I had an ultrasound which said I'm 11weeks and 2days. I dont understand. Im confused by ultrasound which is making me confused about conception, & which is making me confused on who the father of my baby. Please help.

Dear Ashley,
According to your LMP you're 9w2d from conception, which is 11w2d from your supposed LMP.
When they give you weeks and days, subtract 2 weeks to get your estimated conception date. This would mean that you conceived on or around April 6th.
Based on these numbers, it would appear that your normal cycles are on the shorter side, is that the case? Feel free to ask for more clarification, or any other questions pertaining to pregnancy and birth.
Best of luck,


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