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Ok this is going to sound like a Maury episode... Long story short during a break up my boyfriend slept with a certified crazy girl once on Dec 21 ...she then found found out she was preg end of jan like the last week where the dr did an ultrasound (because of course she was never supposed to be able to get pregnant) wee he said she was about 4weeks along ( not too sure if it was gestation or fetal since she never had a period) The 2due dates the dr has given since the first couple of dr appointments are sept 25 and then October 2 . By these dates is there a chance it icould be his? Cause she was dating another guy around the end of dec till the beginning of jan. But after she found out she was preg her story changed to that they were just friends and she didn't sleep with him. I think she's just pinning it on my guy cause she obsessed with him an will do anything to keep him. Everyone that knows what's going on doesn't believe it's his cause she's that crazy. Can you please tell me what you think ..I'm driving myself crazy doing charts an looking at sonograms.

Dear Janae,
If she conceived with your boyfriend then her due date would be September 13. If her doctor gave her a due date of somewhere between September 25 and October 2 then she conceived somewhere between January 1-7, approximately. Even though sperm can live in the woman's body for 5 days, it is still very unlikely that it's his. Basically, her dates are off by at least 10 days. If you want to settle the matter once and for all, then tell her you want a paternity test. If she backs off, you'll know for sure that she's lying. If she agrees, then you'll get your answer for certain.
Best of luck,


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