i if my early ultrasounds read that I was 8w0d on nov 11 and 7w1d on nov 4th, with my lmp being sept 16, whAt would be my fertility window?! I'm
Confused with my fertility window because some are longer than others on diff website
My periods are 26-31 days.
I'm curious as of if I had ovulated or conceived on cd15 because of all the ewcm I had, it was my first time seeing it and the first time getting pregnant.
If I have the very fertile mucus does that narrow my fertility window

If your cycles vary from 26-31 days then you could have conceived anywhere between Sept 27 - October 3rd. Generally if your cycle is 28 days long you can get pregnant from days 12-16. Since your cycles vary between longer or shorter, you add a few days before and after that time frame. The cervical mucus makes conception easier, but you could conceive any time approximate 4 days before and 2 days after ovulation (since sperm can live in the reproductive tract for about 5 days, waiting for ovulation). Having very fertile mucus does not narrow your fertility window.


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