I got 1st csection in 2009 due to low baby heart beat and being 2.475kg weight after 40weeks of pregnancy.while I was disheart of not having a vaginal birth.
Now I'm 4 months pregnant again  after 4years and want to have VBAC.as I ask my dr that how many chances of having a vbac she told me she can't say anything til the time of delivery comes.But the main reason of doing this much gap was to have a VBAC.
And really I want to have vaginal birth even I searched on the net there are 80%chances.can you tel what precautions should I take and what should I do to end up with a successful VBAC.
As now Adays I feel a slight pain on the end of left side of abdomen.is it normal.plz help me and waiting for your advice.as the time of this pregnancy my weight is 82kg.
I'm not having high blood pressure nor sugar.my scars of previous csection is normal even the dr checked and said everything is ok
Waiting for ur reply

Dear Amna,
There is no way to guarantee that you have a VBAC. I would suggest hiring a doula to help you and stay with you throughout your labor and delivery. She will help you cope with the pain, and advocate for you with the hospital staff. Also, find out the VBAC and C-section rates of your doctor and other local doctors, and all the local hospitals. Choose a doctor and hospital with low C-section rates and high successful VBAC rates. Educate yourself on what is truly a risk and what is just a doctor's fear. Decide which interventions you will have and which you will refuse.
For example, avoid an epidural, avoid an IV, and eat and drink during labor to keep your strength up. Keep moving during labor, don't stay flat in bed. Don't go the the hospital the second you go into labor, try to stay home as long as possible - that way you can avoid more medical interventions from the hospital.
4 years between the c-section and this birth is long enough, and your scar is normal - so your chances are very good. But you have to have a cooperative doctor and hospital on your side, and good support from a doula. So check out the doctors and hospitals well.
Best of luck,


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