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Question 10 week pregnant,previously 2nd trimester miscarriage history with regular labour pains for one my consultant prescribed cervical cerclage although my cervix length is im afraid of this process n I think its useless cuz I have no spoting or cervical incompetency issue..kindly guide me in this scared

Hi, Sema,
Circlage can help prevent you from dilating.
I can't prescribe or diagnose via the internet, of course, but I can suggest questions that you can ask your doctor.
Perhaps find out why you're contracting, you may be dehydrated. You can also ask your doctor about prescribing a tocolytic - a medication that stops contractions.
I wish I could help you more, but in this kind of situation you really need to sit down and discuss all options with your doctor face to face. If you feel like your doctor is not giving you all the answers you need, it's completely acceptable to go looking for a new doctor in your area.
Best of luck,


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