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Hi, I am 28 years old, pregnant with twins,27 weeks,3cm dilated.Both babies were with their head down, meanwhile the bigger one turned so is not heading down , so my doctor told me that i am now safe to fly if I want (few weeks ago i wanted to fly to africa but the doctor told me im not supposed to, was too risky at that moment, but now he said its ok).However i forgot to ask, is it ok to have sex at this stage 3 cm dilated?.Thank you

Hello, Anita.
I can't give medical advice for you directly, but in general, sex is safe during pregnancy as long as your waters aren't broken.
Also, the cervix is like a 4 centimeter long tube during pregnancy, and thins out to nearly nothing as labor progresses. During pregnancy, when a woman is dilated, often it is only the outer part of the cervix that is dilated (the part the doctor can feel) but the inner part (inside the uterus) is still fully closed. You can ask your doctor about that, to find out how dilated you are, next time you see him.

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