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sarah davenport wrote at 2009-04-08 18:32:28

I just ran across your question to Bill Taylor, and found it very interesting since LTG Sidney Bryan Berry is my Grandfather. If you had any further questions about his career I would happy to answer them for you!


Joel M. Hollis wrote at 2011-08-29 23:31:17

Realizing that the passage of time may have made this correspondence unnecessary, I write hoping that these words may still be of value.

I met LTG Berry in 1964, when he was a student at the U. S. Army War College.  We maintained a friendship, both professional and personal, over the following decades.  However, he knew my late father more closely.

In answer to your specific question, I am transcribing several paragraphs of a letter General Berry wrote to me in Dec1990, in which he summarized his and Anne's life from the time he was Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy.

LTG Sidney Berry:

"In the summer of 1977 we went back to Europe, where we had spent three years, 1957-60, and I took command of V Corps, United States Army, Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.  There we were until the end of February 1980, when I retired from active military service.  Those were good years.  I was back in command of troops, always my first choice of duty; we had a clear mission--to preclude or defend against Warsaw Pact attack of Western Europe.  V Corps' mission was to defend against attack through the so-called Fulda Gap, the shortest straight-line distance to the Rhine River.

In November 1979, the Army Chief of Staff informed me that he had no further assignment for me following command of V Corps.  (Three and four-star rank goes with specific assignments, and the incumbent agrees to retire upon completion of that assignment, unless the Chief of Staff offers another assignment.)  My thoughts turned to retiring in Oxford, Mississippi, where the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) is located.  I had visions of joining the Ole Miss faculty and developing a course in National Security Affairs, which would equip Ole Miss students for service in the federal government.

In December 1979, while Anne and I were spending Christmas holidays in Paris, I received a call from William Winter, newly-elected governor of Mississippi, who invited me to join his administration in one of several executive positions.  I returned from Germany on 28 February, retired effective 1 March, became Mississippi's Commissioner of Public Safety on 13 March 1980, and commenced four fascinating, educational, challenging years in state government."

General Berry goes on to describe his work in Mississippi, and subsequent life in Virginia.  I shall cease here, since your question focused on military service.

Please feel free to contact me.


Joel Hollis

1077 E 6th Circle

Broomfield, CO 80020

Douglas Johnson wrote at 2013-07-30 03:54:20
LTG Berry commanded V (US) Corps in Germany following his tour at Superintendant.

He died 1 July 2013 ans will be buried at Romansville Friends Burying Ground 3 August.

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