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I recieved a congressional appontmant to USMA and reported in June of 1976.After beast was completed I was injured and was operated on for shoulder dislocation. I was given the choice of bhaving my other shoulder repaired or leave. I left and recieved a ROTC Schlorship when I reported for duty I was told my shoulder was bad and could not be inducted.I recieved my Honerable Discharge 9/17/1970. I have requested my dd214 and there is no record of my service what do I do?

It's good to hear from you  .  Thanks for your interest in records from West Point and ROTC.

First off, we need to get the dates straight.  You mentioned that you reported to West Point in June 1976, but your discharge date was in 1970, six years before?  Please clarify that in a follow-up question, or you may contact me directly at

As to West Point, you should contact the Registrar's office:

I know you are not looking for a transcript as you never matriculated into the academic year, but that office should be able to get you documentation for the time you were there during beast, or at least tell you who to contact to access those records.

As to the ROTC interaction, you can contact the ROTC element at the college or university to start with.  I presume you still have copies of your ROTC engagement and reporting instructions.  You should also have had some medical paperwork documenting your shoulder problems that disqualified you from service.  You might also check the following link:

Good luck in your quest, Richard.  I look forward to hearing from you again.

Best Regards,

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