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Hey I am Scout. I wanted to be in the U.S Army.Then I heard about Westpoint Academy .I have some years till I get out of highschool but I went ahead researched it.I am really interested.I found out you go in for four years then desire a branch of the army you would like to be in.What are the physical and academic requirements to get in.

It's good to hear from you Scout.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.

As you know, West Point is looking for well rounded young men and women who are good students, good athletes and good leaders.  Having a balance in all three areas is important to maximize your competitive position. It is also required that you meet the medical standards for enlistment or appointment into the military service.

The requirements for admission are spelled out in detail on the Admissions website at:

A good summary is found in the Prospectus that can be downloaded and printed.

That is a great place to start your research.

Good luck in your quest, Scout.

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US Military Academy at West Point

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