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QUESTION: Out of high school I always wanted to serve in the navy, for some odd reason. I applied for Annapolis and the NROTC scholarship. I was competitive for the scholarship was medically disqualified by my dodmerb for color blindness. I ended up coming to Norwich University where I am currently an academic freshman and Rook. My dodmerb has been transferred over for AROTC and it sounds like I won't even need a waiver when I pass the lantern test (I failed the number booklet one.) I currently have a much higher GPA at Norwich than I did in high school. I'm also pretty competitive for an army ROTC scholarship here, but I want to know how realistic it is to get admitted into West Point. I have a 3.8 because of one stupid B+ that I WILL get up to an A by the end of the semester, I start on the wrestling team, and I do work study. My pt score is pretty low, only a 270. My SAT score out of high school was also pretty poor.
Is it worth it to apply to West Point?
Will my SAT score count in admission and should I retake it then?
Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi, Dan, it's good to hear from you.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.

Frankly, competing in the general pool of candidates from high school is probably not a strategy for success in your case.  There are too many fully qualified candidates in that candidate pool and the numbers entering are shrinking as our foreign wars wind down.

Competing from within military ranks, including ROTC, is another matter.  In that candidate pool you might be much more competitive.  It is important to understand that almost 1/3 of every incoming class is NOT entering directly from high school.  Rather they enter from the military (active duty, reserves, ROTC, national guard, etc) and one or more years of college.  

If you are serious about West Point, I would contact the Soldier Admissions Team at your earliest possibility.  You can look here to learn how to connect with them.

Don't wait to contact them.  They will guide you along any paths possible for you.

Good luck in your quest, Dan.

Best Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much. I am in army rotc here so that should qualify me for the smaller pool. I am going to contact them right away, I just hope I have the time to give a complete application that I am happy with while balancing grades, being a rook and wrestling here. Thanks again, it helps a ton.

Excellent, Dan.

Now is the time to consider how serious you really are about admission to West Point.  ROTC is a great path to officership.  The point is that if you are REALLY serious about West Point, then be prepared to wait another year IF that is what is required to secure admission.

Good luck in your quest.

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