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Robert E Pruitt wrote at 2015-01-31 02:24:04
I can say  I was one those during Basic Training At Fort Bragg that was told to go a meeting with Representatives from West Point. We all were told we were chosen  for our high Leadership  scores on our pre admission test . The Drill SGT. over me and others sent for this meeting he did not know why were  called out , just said report to the auditorium . This I can say did happen and I as a U.S Army Veteran know I was sent to hear this briefing that were sent for to attend . There were representatives from West Point and we were told why we were asked to come and Listen to them tell why we were chosen . The speaker said we all had high leadership scores and if we choose to proceed we got to West Point , we have to add an extra year on to our obligation to service time we already were in for. And after Graduation  from the academy we come out a 2nd LT. We were told if we were ready to do this come up and sign  . I chose not to take this offer . My reason was this I was drafted into the Army and the Vietnam was going on and me being 19 years old I felt it be best for me to turn this offer down .I went on and served in the regular Army. Years after I got out service. I always wanted answers why was I chosen  to even be considered by West Point and where the records of this ever happened , I have searched for over 30 years any information of West point even being at Fort Bragg and Choosing Soldier during this Basic Training . I stand by my knowledge of them being there  and calling me out and saying to report for this Meeting with West Point Representatives . When I read what that SGT. asked on his question I knew his Neighbor from Fort Bragg knew this did happen . Only thing I came close to was the Army Best kept Secret  West Point on my searches to my wanting to know Why me I was given a chance to go to West Point . I know I will stand by what I say  till my death  . West Point did come to Fort Bragg  and only  few out each company out their Basic training names were on that list to report for that meeting . I am asking for answers too  . There were others besides me that were there for that meeting with  West Point Representatives. I have no reason to post this only to  find answers for myself if ones that did take step forward that day  they would know what I am telling is 100% truth  and could shed light on answers I need . I turned down that offer that was made that day and all I have is memory of the event taking place and returning back to my company to complete my basic training . Makes me think how could 2 people never met each other  know of this unless they were there and witness to being there at that meeting. I can not speak for  West Point on their way of doing things now . I can say far as 1970  from May to July in that time frame I can say I know I sat thru a meeting with their Representatives . I have no records only my knowledge  and I still search for any records or people that were there to help me know what I went thru for closer to my search .

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I can answer questions about admissions to West Point; about the history of West Point; about how to travel to West Point, where to eat, where to stay, etc.; and about West Point`s alumni organization, the West Point Association of Graduates.


I am a 1970 Graduate of West Point. I served six years on active duty and another 8 years in the active reserve. I have been actively involved as a Field Admissions Representative for over 20 years and have participated on my Congressman's Academy Selection Panel for over 25 years. I am actively involved in West Point Alumni affairs, serving in roles both with the West Point Association of Graduates and the local alumni chapter in Annapolis, MD. I also have two sons who graduated from West Point in 1995 and 2001. Both are veterans of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War. The 1995 Grad continues to serve on Active Duty in the Army.

Bachelor of Science, US Military Academy, 1970 Master of Science (Computer Science), The Johns Hopkins University, 1980

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