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Hello, I am a retired Army SGM.  I have a neighbor telling me while he was in Basic Training, Ft Bragg 1970, that he and 49 others in his class were pulled from the ranks and told they had qualified for West Point attendance.  I know we were closing down in Viet Nam, but I find his story shameful and outrageous.  I remember they would take Privates out of AIT and make them E5's in three months but West Point?  I believe never.  My question:  Have you ever heard of such a lowering of admission standards on this level?

Hi, Russell, it's good to hear from you.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.

The one thing I am pretty sure of is that West Point Admissions does NOT lower it's admission standards.  They DO seek out enlisted men with demonstrated leadership potential and work to make them qualified, primarily through attendance at the US Military Academy Preparatory School.  As an additional example from that era, a draftee with college time could well be qualified for West Point and could get an appointment through the military.

The part I find most difficult to believe is that they took 49 such candidates.  A handful, maybe, but I find the large number incredible, as you do.

So the bottom line is that Admissions has ALWAYS looked for good officer candidates from the enlisted ranks, and West Point is one of the paths to officership for them, as well as OCS.  In the end if they are not fully qualified, or can be made fully qualified through the Prep School, they would never be admitted.

Thanks for the great question, Russell.

Best Regards,

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