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QUESTION: I am researching the military career of Col. Francis Edmond Lacey Jr.(West Point class of 1889)I know that he received the Cuba Occupation Medal, Philippine Insurrection Campaign Medal, World War I Victory Medal, and commanded the 16th Infantry Regiment from 1 Dece4mber 1920 - September 1922. I would like to flesh out his military history with information on the other units he served in (particularly during the Philippine Campaign and WWI) including dates of staff and command positions, & pictures of Col. Lacey.  Since Col Lacey retired as a full Col. I assume that he likely was awarded a decoration (either the Legion of Merit or Distinguished Service Medal) upon retirement.  It would be extremely informative if I could locate a copy of the text of the decoration citation. Research recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: It's good to hear from you, Floyd.  Thanks for your interest in West Point.

My primary reference is the "Register of Graduates and Former Cadets of the US Military Academy" published annually by the West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG).  Per the "Register," Francis Edmond Lacey Jr was born in West Virginia and then appointed to West Point from Michigan. He graduated with the Class of 1889 on June 12, 1889.  He was commissioned in the Infantry and served Frontier Duty from 1889 to 1890 and again from 1894 to 1896.  He participated in the Santiago de Cuba Campaign (June 22nd to July 17, 1898)and elsewhere in Cuba in 1899.  He participated in the Philippine Insurrection and later as the Inspector General for 7th Corps in the Allied Expeditionary Force and American Forces in Germany (December 1918 to January 1922).  He retired as a Colonel in 1922 and passed away in Connecticut on November 17, 1925.

Unfortunately the Register has no further details on his service, and no information on any awards or medals he received.  His obituary was included in the Annual Report of the (West Point) Association of Graduates in 1928.  You might contact the WPAOG, and in particular Marilee Meyer, Memorial and Archives Manager,, 845.446.1545.  Give her COL Lacey's Cullum Number (index of Graduates) 3320; that will help her quickly find him and any information they may have to support your research.

Good luck in your pursuit of more information on COL Lacey.

Best Regards,

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt response to my questions. The information will be very helpful.  I assume that a picture of Lacey would be in the 1889 West Point Year Book. Is there anyway that I can obtain digital copies of Lacey's 1889 West Point yearbook picture and any additional pictures or information on Lacey in the 1886 - 1889 West Point Year Books?

Hello again, Floyd.  Sorry for the delay in responding; I've been out all day.

I suggest that you contact the Special Collections and Archives Branch of the Academy Library.  I'm pretty sure that they have copies of yearbooks or photos from that time.  You can reach them at 845-938-3259.  Tell them about your project and I am sure that they can either help you directly, and/or point you to other resources that can help.

Best Regards,

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