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Harold Benware wrote at 2013-02-12 20:45:44
I arrived in Vietnam on the 29 June 1966,I was assigned to the 151st Trans co in Cam Ranh Bay.We spent three months there. Our whole company convoyed to Tuy Hoe where we spent six months there hauling supplies from the beach head to our base. We loaded our whole company on ships and when to Saigon.I spent the last three months in Long Binh.

Willard Yarbrough wrote at 2015-03-05 15:19:09
I arrived in country in Apr 66 and left in Apr 67 was assigned to  the 151 TC don't remember the name of the place but we were right next to an ARVN training camp then moved to Cam Ranh Bay then to Thuy Hua sub area command. I fell asleep at the wheel one night and rolled a 2 1/2 into a rice patty. caused a big ruckus at the time. Was "SELECTED" to go to the 52nd Inf for a short time. A lot of it was a, and still is, a blur because I lived in the bottle for a time and after waking from a 3 weekalcohol coma stopped drinking. Retired in 1986.

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