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EGW wrote at 2008-03-27 09:07:06
Hello Adam

         I am about to futher complicate matters for you, i can comfirm east coast relatives (living still) and also west coast relatives still alive and well, its regarded as a family matter, because of the nazi/ss connection.

my email is swt_simplicity327 feel free to contact me about more information.

Margaux Netchey wrote at 2009-02-11 02:16:03
Mr. Harker,

This is really weird, but I was researching my fathers side of the family because my grandfather said we were related to the Desert Fox. When I was looking at your post with Adam (who I am guessing is one of my cousins), all the names looked familiar. I was wondering if you could give me information on how to contact Adam. I think my dad, George Netchey (grandson of Elise and Peter Netchey), knows who has the picture of Elise and Erwin Jr.

Rommel wrote at 2009-03-03 00:39:54
Reading all of this was very interesting, and I thought I might add something. My great-grandfather was cousin to Erwin Rommel. Many people think I am delusional when I mention this, but it is a fact. I am not crazy, and my grandfather tells us this for sure. My great-grandmother used to go on about stories about how we are related, and I still bear the last name "Rommel". Actually, it may have been my great-great-grandfather. My grandfather is upset that he never thought to research this more, and learn about our history better. I live on the east coast of the USA, also. (Regarding the second answer on here, saying there are potential relatives on the east coast.)

Britt "Rummel" Torok wrote at 2009-09-19 21:51:00
Hi to both of you! My maiden Name was Britt Rummel. Erwin Rommel is my 4th cousin strait down the line.  Our name was changed from Rommel to Rummel when our side of the family immigrated from Germany.  Rommel is my fathers 3rd cousin, my grandfather Robert Rummel's 2nd cousin, my great grandfather Orville Rummel's 1st cousin. We all live on the west coast.  My grandfather lives near Seattle and has lots of information regarding family history.  Good to see others who are interested in our family heritage.

Sue wrote at 2010-01-15 02:36:16
More of a note than answer! My great great grandfather was married to a Catherine ROmmel. It was such a problem, in CT back in 1900, the fear was there, so my great grandfather changed his last name, which was Reichardt, to Richard. I am trying to figure out the relationship to Rommel. The best I can figure is cousins, or 2nd cousins. I need to link Catherin Rommel to his family. She and my gg grandfather immigrated to the US in 1860.

PRAY wrote at 2010-07-29 03:30:26
I attended law school in Arkansas and one of my best friends was married to a Rummel, not Rommel.  In the late 1980s she was about 28, and her dad was maybe in his 70s or 80s.  Her mother was in her early 50s.  she said her father and his brother were the Rommel brothers who avoided war issues by moving to the U.S and modifying the spelling of the name.  Her dad probably died in Little Rock.

JWALKER wrote at 2010-07-29 03:41:53
The General had at least one brother who moved to Little Rock, changing the sur name to ROmmel. He married a much younger woman who ran a flower shop in Little Rock. They had a daughter who, n 2010, is married, runs the same flower shop, and would be about 48, probably the General's youngest niece.  

ryan wrote at 2010-12-03 19:51:53

I may not know the details of Rommel very well but I found this link just browsing the internet. My name is Ryan. Erwin Rommel AKA "Dessert Fox" is my great great great Grandfather. Rommel sent his family here into america where it migrated to Florida after some years. later we sprend to North Carolina where My cousin and I are currently living. We are both direct desendents. My grandfather passed a year ago.  

Alex Gamble wrote at 2011-03-08 01:00:14
Hey adam, i actually happen to have a family photo of louisa Rommel with her Husband Charles Spoonhultz. My relation to them is that their daughter Carrie Lucetta married fred king and they had a daughter Ruth Francis King who had a daughter Ruth Marchbank who is my Grandmother.

Rommel wrote at 2012-10-03 02:32:58
Hey guys, I too am related to Erwin Rommel. My grandmother was his cousin, so he's my cousin too! Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of the last name "Haslauer"?

Brittni wrote at 2013-04-08 05:05:31
My name is brittni rummel and I was told when I was younger that I am related to Erwin, anyway I can find this out for sure?

Geoff wrote at 2015-08-31 12:34:35
I knew an old lady who lived in Collaroy on the Northern beaches in the 1970's who claimed she was Erwin Rommels sister. She did have some photos around the place. Some of him and some that looked like family photos. That's all I know

Tom Dodson wrote at 2015-11-03 16:53:40
I'm not sure if this will help or hinder, but I have been told that Helene (Desert Fox's Sister) moved to Milwaukee--possible in the 30's--to open a brewery. My Great Great Grandfather was Tosten Flagsted, a sailor who moved to Michigan from Norway. He sailed lumber from Ludington (MI) to Chicago, then ran goods from Chicago to Milwaukee and back to Ludington. One season, he floundered his boat (apparently he wash't a GOOD sailor) at Milwaukee, stayed, and married Helene.

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