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I'm helping a friend restore a Piper L-4.Believe it was used in the Ryukyus Command, paper work very hard to read.
Can you help with it's history?
Army ID 45-4962, Mfg Ser. 13702


Hello Mike,

I am more than willing to assist you and your friend in trying to find out the history of your L-4.

From my last two experiences in trying to find out information about L-4’s, their service records and history, I learned that it took me weeks to months to get the information.  I just wanted to be upfront, and inform you that it might take a little time to find out and gather information.

Here are some additional contacts that will help you speed up the process of getting the historical information, and also in assisting you in the restoration of your friends L-4.

You can contact the Piper Owner Society.

There is gentleman named LTC Sonny Pittman who is always willing to help with the identification and assistance with obtaining records on L-4’s.  He is also known to be willing to assist others in the restoration of L-4’s and has extensive knowledge in the restoration of L-4’s.

Here is LTC Pittman’s Contact Information.

LTC Sonny Pittman
2202 Holly Haven Court
Augusta, GA 30907
Phone: (706) 860-1050

You can contact the Air Force Historical Research Agency in Maxwell AFB, Alabama, to see if that have any further information on your friends L-4.  Usually they only have the aircraft card.  They are currently several weeks to about two months behind in getting any information.

The Main contact person there is a Mrs. Lynn Gamma

Lynn Gamma
600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL

Tel: (334) 953-2395

You can email Mrs. Lynn Gamma directly at AFHRANEWS@MAXWELL.AF.MIL

Or you can write or email Archie diFante, an Archivist at the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

Archie diFante, Archivist
600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424

You can email Mr. Archie diFante directly at

You can also contact the National Air and Space Museum Archives; I would only use this as the last resort as they are very slow to respond.

Allan Janus          
Archives Reference Desk

Archives Division
MRC 322
National Air and Space Museum
PO Box 37012
Washington DC  20013-7012

Tel: 202-633-2320

If the links does not allow you to click on them directly, cut and paste it into a new browser.

I look forward to trying to assist you in attempting to get the history of the L-4 Project that you and your friend are working on.



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