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Military History/Tracking the 909th Signal Co.


Jerry L. Mitchell wrote at 2011-01-26 03:40:13
My Dad Sgt. Forrest K Mitchell service with the 909th Signal company depot, aviation. Under the provisions of Section 1, Circular Number 345 War Department, 23 August 1944, a Meritorious Service Unit Plaque is awarded to the following units:  909th SIGNAL COMPANY DEPOT, AVIATION. for outstanding devotion to duty in the performance of exceptionally difficult task, the superior Performance of normal duties and the achievement and maintenance of a high standard of discipline for the period 1 January 1944 to 1 December 1944, in England and the liberated countries of Europe. By command of Brigadier General Wood.  J.S. Fisher Colonel, Air Corps

 This was dated APO 149, U. S. Army 24 February 1945

I am looking for more information on this unit and their duties. My dad was discharged 3 Nov. 1945.  I remember him say that they were being loaded on a ship to head for the South Seas when they were told the war had ended and they were going home.

 If anyone has more information I would like the hear it.

Jerry L Mitchell

carol wrote at 2016-07-31 23:18:43
My grandfather, Lt. Colonel Carroll Turner commanded the 909th.  The only information I have is that they "set up and maintained land and wireless communications between forward bases of the 9th Air Force tactical groups and active Army units across France, Belgium, and Germany.  I'm hunting for more info also.

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