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Don McCoy wrote at 2010-03-27 16:25:12
My son found an exact brass ball as in this picture. It is hollow on the inside and when you shake it something rattles inside. It must be a small cannonball app 2 inch across. It also has a brass like plug on each side/end. It was found on a hillside and where parts of the Hatfield McCoy Feud took place, a coal mine war,and another war that I caint recall at the moment. The local history books talk about how they shot from the hillsides and back and forth across the Tug River that divides Ky and Wv at McCarr Ky and near Matewan Wv.

JOHN REUSS\ROYCE wrote at 2011-05-22 11:15:12
i yesterday also bought a brass cannon ball, as you stated, this also has two plugs, 1 with two little holes on top of this 20-25lbs 4 inch round ball, and around the top plug with twi little holes, it reads [5-45k][102MM], this must be some type of projectile, i bought this for $1.00 explaining to the seller, brass is 4 dollars a lb, this balls is near 25 or more lbs, he said, 1 dollar sir? SO I BOUGHT IT! GOOD LUCK, HOPE YOUR FIND IS VALUABLE!

LongRifle wrote at 2015-12-12 00:17:56
Many years after this was originally posted, I stumbled across it and would like to offer a comment.  

I too have one of these "brass cannon balls"  It is identical to the one posted in this thread.  I purchased it around 1976 when I was a kid at a flea market.

I research this stuff every few years to see if I can find the same sort of item and tonight, I just launched my every few year search.  Yours is the first one I have seen like mine

I have yet to prove that this is a cannon ball.  I however can see no other purpose for it.  Mine too has some sort of substance inside.  You can hear it when you turn it.

So, I plan to keep researching, and in the meantime, treat this as IF it were a cannon ball with powder it it!!!

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