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Dennis wrote at 2013-06-14 01:22:20
I to have question the origin of Army cots..  I know they existed before World War I.  There is plenty of original photographs of men during the American Civil War in barracks and hospitals and World War I in France and Army cots.  Also, there is reference and drawings of folding beds and cots issued to officers during the American Revolution.  These cots look very similar to what we think of as World War II Army cots, except the legs did not fold in half like a modern cots.  A small head and foot board could be removed and the cots were simply folded in half.  The cots and other equipment belonging to the officers were transported in wagons.  The average revolutionary war soldier did not have the luxury of a folding bed are cots.Examples and photos of original beds can be found in several reference books I have seen pertaining to early American furnishings and reference books on American Revolutionary war equipment and furnishings.

I am looking for photos or drawings of military cots used during the Indian wars and border campaigns of the American West, before world war one.

Cheri Oz wrote at 2016-06-18 05:20:02
I have a military cot which belonged to a colonel and Army doctor, Percy Lancelot Jones.  The bed may be from the Spanish American War.  It has a storage tag showing it was held at Fidelity Storage Co. at 1420 U Street, Washington, D.C.  I came to possess this bed when I purchased an old home in Erie, PA and found the bed in the attic.  Other items of memorabilia led me to believe that it belonged to the Colonel Jones.  A military trunk bearing his name and title was with the bed along with photos, letters, and other items.  I have photos of both the bed and the trunk if you would like to see them.  

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