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Glenn Booker wrote at 2013-02-26 10:13:54
I know a little about the 115th Field Artillery Battalion re: its time in south Wales, 1943-1944.

Glenn Booker


South Wales


Jim Parks wrote at 2013-02-26 16:12:10
The 115th FAB, had its HQ Battery in Murfreesboro, TN, Service Battery in Memphis, and firing batteries in Memphis, Centerville, and (I believe) Chattanooga.  After being brought up to strength and completing training at Ft. Jackson, SC, the battalion was slated to deploy with the 30th Infantry (Old Hickory) Division.

Problems with the ship resulted in their being pulled from the convoy and returned to port in the northeast for repairs.  Subsequently, the battalion was shipped to Iceland to replace a British unit.  As I understand it, much of the equipment they had was British. (My father, then motor officer, had a Hillman wagon.) The battalion was in Iceland for approximately nine months.

In December 1943 the advanced party went to Barry Wales.  The remainder of the battalion shipped to Barry in early 1944.  They entered the continent after D-day and saw action on several fronts in France, Germany, and Czechoslovakia.

After the war, the battalion was redesignated and placed on duty assisting Polish displaced persons in being returned to home.  In this capacity, the battalion worked closely with the Russian army.  They returned to the states in April 1946 where most of the members were demobilized at Camp Atterbury, IN.

The 115th FAB was reorganized in 1947/48 as a part of the Tennessee National Guard.

Most of the above is my recollection of what I was told by my father who ended the war as a captain commanding HQ Battery.  He was recruited to assist reorganization and promoted to major and battalion commander.

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