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Ian wrote at 2009-11-05 00:31:06
Hi Kay

I was in South-West Scotland and witnessed Operation Purple Warrior first hand ... and I can assure you it was 1987 as I was with my then girlfriend on holiday, and we had only met in 1986. I took an active interest in the operation as I was very keen on military avaition.

Regards, Ian  

Philip wrote at 2010-02-10 16:15:31
Dear Kay, November 87 is correct without a doubt as I was part of this exercise serving with 43 squadron RAF and flying from West Freugh Airfield, best regards, Philip

gerry64 wrote at 2011-07-05 15:18:52
This exercise took place in 1987 because i was on this  exercise

Ivan wrote at 2011-07-20 09:21:04
Hi kay,

I was in that exercise, (seems an age ago) I served in 1 Staffords at the time. It was 87 and all our unit was there.

Bluejulez wrote at 2013-03-09 03:02:11
Sorry Kay, I'm not sure if you're even still looking as this link is a couple of years old now, but I can also confirm that this excercise did indeed take place in 1987 as I was part of it.

Steve wrote at 2014-12-18 14:42:16
I was on this joint forces exercise and it was in 1987 in Stranraer very cold and wet my regiment was the Royal Pioneer Corps but there where alote of regiments on this exercise. On facebook 187 Tancred coy we had a discusion amongst the lads who where on the excersise about a 3 weeks ago.

Keith wrote at 2016-01-11 23:44:59

grew up in the area and worked at West Freugh. You are half right, Purple Warrior was 1987 however I think the exercise your friends recall was actually called Winged Victory which was in 1983 and again involved several thousand military personnel, many of which were in the Stranraer area for months planning prior to the actual exercise in October of that year. Hope this clarifies.  

Alan wrote at 2016-05-07 14:41:08
Purple Warrior took place in Northern Scotland, pretty much an reenactment of the Falklands, bad weather and big yomp.  It was one of the nastiest exercises I ever did, as part of a Patrol of NFGOs from 148 Cdo Bty RA. Most of us had been in the Falklands Conflict a few years earlier.

The dates I am sure are between late 1984 or 1985.    Definitely not before May 1984 when I joined 148 Cdo NGFO Battery RA.  

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