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Military History/can you name this rifle?


Frumpke' wrote at 2015-02-11 17:46:45
The rifle ATB (appears to be) a Persian (Iran) Mod 49 Carbine based off the CZ Mod 30 Carbine.  The CZ version had milled barrel bands while the Persian made copy used stamped bands.  Another difference between the two, is the Persian Model 49 used a slot cut in the buttstock for a sling.  The CZ version used standard swivels.  The rifle shown in the photo is unusual in that it has a straight bolt handle.  Both the CZ Mod, 30 and the Iranian Mod, 49 have bent bolt handles with cuts in the stocks for clearance like the K98.  The straight bolt may be a replacement made during arsenal refurbishment or a local gunsmith.   Additionally, the CZ rifle stock was made of walnut while the Iranian's used an indigenous "blond" wood.  

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