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John M. Gould wrote at 2013-12-02 04:01:35
It appears that he is a Chief Machinist (not to be confused with a machinist mate) in the US Navy.  The hat device is US Navy and the propeller device on the collar and sleeves indicated that he is a machinist.  He is a Chief Machinist rather than an "ordinary" machinist because he wears a broader stripe on his sleeve and an "ordinary" machinist would have a crossed anchor insignia on the hat without the eagle device of a commissioned officer.  Chief machinists were considered commissioned officer and were, thus, allowed to wear the commissioned officers cap device.  

Machinists were warrant officers in a special rank category between officers and enlisted men and they had specialized knowledge or skill in their area of expertise.  My guess is that your ancestor joined the Navy during WWI and was discharged shortly thereafter as the Navy downsized after the war.

John M. Gould wrote at 2014-11-22 18:24:20
The uniform appears to be that of a chief machinist in the US Navy (as indicated by the propeller insignia for machinist and the stripe for chief warrant officer).  He probably was commissioned in the US Navy during the first world war - possibly when whatever ship he was on was requisitioned for wartime service.

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