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Military History/WW II CIB and authorization for thr Bronze Star with V Device


Darryl Andrews wrote at 2012-12-12 00:51:54
Mr. Semmes,

If you contact me I can probably be of some help with your endeavor. I also live in Louisiana and within the last year I did for my father exactly what you are trying to do for your uncle. I received all of his medals and awards from the Army and Air Force. I also reaearched his uniform and purchased every patch, DUI, pin, stripes, etc that he would have worn on has Class A uniform from the time he enlisted until he was discharged. I placed them all in a 16x24 display case. I wrote a short letter to the Army with a copy of my father's discharge papers showing that he received the CIB. They found the General Order showing when he was awarded the CIB. They sent the Bronze Star Medal certificate but it will take up to 6 months to receive the actual. From the time I mailed the letter until I received approval and the certificate only took about 1 1/2 months. I had an excellent Awards Analyst that worked on my case. My father's brother was also a member of the 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division and was a POW. Email me at if you need info or help.

Darryl Andrews

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