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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Sutton

I have been doing a huge project of trying to gain a better understanding of what my great-uncle went through during WWII.  He was killed on April 21, 1945.  I requested and recieved his IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File) and noticed some type of coordinate or location that I don't know what is.  On the form Report of Burial TM 10-630 and AR 30-1815 it lists Place of Death and typed in is Vic. Boll, Germany (W-965285#.  It also says Graves Registration, Form No. 1.  I understand that my great-uncle was killed in the vicinity of Boll, Germany, but what does the number #W-965285) mean?  If you need a copy of this sheet, I would be happy to provide if necessary.  Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Greetings

The code  #w-965285 is the map location where he died.  

I have seen other Reports of Burial with a Q and then 6 numbers.

I have some links that may help with any research bout burial during world war 2.

Thank you

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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Sutton,

What grid coordinate system would I need to look to to figure out the location of where he died?

Also, another question, but not related to the previous one.  Being my great uncle was killed in April of 1945, what kind of form would his military service been typed up on?  I want to try and have the army type up an official form hi-lighting his service on a period correct form from 1944 when he entered service or 1945 when he was killed if it is at all possible.  I have seen forms WD AGO 53-55, WD AGO 53-90, and WD AGO 53-98.  Which form would be correct for someone who was KIA?  Thanks again.



You would want to use a Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system.  As to which form, good job on your research, you want to use WD AGO 53-55.  

I have included some website on the map system and the last 2 links will help with the forms.
Thank you  

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