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Dont know what this is  no markings at all. worth?  Thanks, David

I found a similar item on Worthpoint.  No price though:

M1941 US Cutlass/Sword by Milsco w/Scabbard
This is an odd duck. It is a naval cutlass of the pattern of the M1917 Navy Variant Cutlass. It has an open basket guard, mahogony slab handles, and a 24 3/8 inch curved blade. It was manufactured by Milsco, which stands for Milwaukee Saddlery Company. They played a large role in producing military products during WWII according to their web site. The cutlass was identified as a M1941 on another web site. The sword is 29 3/8 inches overall. It has a clipped point, large fuller, and is fairly roughly made. The blade is stamped Milsco. It has no staining and only a small patch of light pitting at the tip. The blade has three dings, one of which is about 3/16ths inch long. It appears the tip has been ground, but it may have been done when it was made. The scabbard is in fine condition. It is russet leather with a strap for hanging it. The sewing is tight. The scabbard is stamped 7137A. It had copper wire wrapped around the tip with a steel end piece. The two handle slabs have chips which can be seen in the photos. It is amazing to see some of the obsolete things the government continued to produce during the wars.

This site prices it at $195.00  It says it could be Dutch:

This appears to be the US M1941 cutlass, a variant of the US M1917 with pierced guard (branches), but could just as easily be the Dutch variant used by the Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL). It is unmarked.
Based upon the late-19th century Marechaussee Klewang, this style cutlass was used in WWI and WWII, mainly in close-quarters jungle warfare and as a machete.
Hilt is manufactured of stamped sheet steel, blued, three-branch type with simple D-guard, short ~1" upper quillon; wood grips held in place by three brass rivets. Has leather lanyard attached through slot at rear of D-guard near the pommel. Blued blade is ~24-3/8" with an ~2" clipped point. Unmarked. Good condition. No scabbard.  

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