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Two part question. In reference to B-24 Heavy Bombers, what was a "Mickey Ship"? Next, my uncle was a pilot in the 451st BG and I would like to identify his particular aircraft (nickname, serial number) and/or his flight crew. I've searched several books on the 451st, one which confirms he was a member, but nothing else. Any suggestions or leads would be appreciated.


Hello Phil , nice to hear from you and Glad to help !

The B-24 "Mickey Ship" was a modified type that carried a special "Bomb through Overcast" early radar system in the belly of the aircraft where the Ball Turret normally was carried , it would fly lead ship in the formation and the others would only drop when this ship dropped it's load of bombs.
At times they had to fly missions that the overcast on the target was to thick to be able to "visually" drop so the "Mickey" system was developed for this purpose , it was primative but the start of being able to bomb when the target wasn't visible .

As to the help of your Uncle's AC, serial number etc , i would suggest the following ,
Try to find the current "reunion" online site for the 451st BG, most of them have one, if that doesn't work you can try these sites online ,
B-24 Best Web

The last site listed has 'specific" unit sections on the forum for posting Info wanted" typs of things, this should give you a good start , I hope it helps and thanks for dropping me a line,have a great evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. if you ever need any leather unit patches made I do them .
Quick addendum , the Mickey system was the "H2X" look it up online for info about it .

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