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My dad always said he was in the Air Corps. He passed 10/12/2012, was cremated and buried in a Veteran Cemetery.  The cemetery says I have to prove he was in the Air Corp for his plaque because his paperwork states Army only.  This is what I have proof of:   he joined 10/22/1942 and was stationed in England as a Toxic Gas Handler with the 878 Chemical Company. His group received something
(medal/ribbon/citation)from the European Theatre of Operations and from the Flying Fortress Heavy Bombardment Group, and shared in the 3rd Bomb Division Presidential Citation for the attack on Messerschmitt Factories.  He was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge and the European African Middle Western Theater Campaign Ribbon.  He was separated honorably. I searched the Archival Databases (AAD) and it states his grade code as 9, Aviation Cadet and block 4 lists CWS.  I am assuming "aviation cadet" must cover a wide range as I know he was not in training to be a pilot/navigator, etc. His discharge rank was CPL.

I have a picture of his unit/platoon standing in front of a plane and a picture of him in his uniform, left arm emblem is visible. I've spoken to 2 family members that say, he was Army Air Corps.  Can you help me, I am running out of time?

Hello, are you able to post send photo of him in front of the aircraft you mention? I ask this as It may help prove what unit he was assigned to and then you could contact the current reunion historian on the net and see if they can provide more better "proof" of his being AAF.

I really don't understand why the cemetary is making an issue of the exact branch of service , You have paperwork stating he was in the AAF , it shouldn't be a problem , do you possibly have his dog tag/s , they may have the AAF title stamped into them as some did .

I think his records of enlistement should be on file either out of DC , have you tried the office of records USAF ?

I wish I could be of more help on this , it is somewhat out of my field of what I do , but I think the photo of him with the aircraft could help if you can e mail it to me ,I'm a

Good luck on this and I await your reply, p.s. make sure to note on e mail "subject line"
"Dad's service proof" ,That way I'll know it's from you .
Some additional info I just found out , the 878th Chemical Company was assigned to the 390th Bombardment Group and they flew B-17 Flying Fortresses and the tail emblem was a Square with a capitol letter J inside it .So if your photo shows a B-17 with this tail letter he was with the 390th BG so more proof of his being USAAF.

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