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Greetings Paul, I had read your question about your Grandfathers shells and another gentleman answered your questions.

I too have a shell casing from my father (mothers husband) from Masseena, New York  but not a story behind it before he passed away last year at 67. His father was in the navy and I have all the trinkets to go through too. Believe it or not, I have a "Purple Heart" with no inscriptions.

It has inscriptions "Battle of St. Minieu"  Sept. 18/1918  - on the base of the shell "75 DEC"  - "PDPs2472 2L 16S" If this was grandfathers, I'd have to research more.

Paul, I'm trying to clear some of the pain in my heart that this shell should be in it's rightful place.  It may be just that in my home too but, until I am convinced, I need to be content to find it's home.

Lest We Forget!


David JSL, Toronto, Canada

I believe the battle referred to was the Battle at St Mihiel.   This a major battle with US Forces taking the lead.  Patton learned much about battlefield command from this battle.  Your shell is from a French 75mm and produced in 1916. PDPd3472 is inventory control information and 2L refers to the manufacturer.  
There is a fantastic World War 1 museum in Kansas City.  If you are looking to donate this might a place to check with.  

I hope this helps and check out the links they will help.

Thank you and never forget.  

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