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G.S.G.S. 4414, Germany, 1:25,000
G.S.G.S. 4414, Germany  
Dear Mr. Paul Sutton,  I would like to first and foremost thank you for your past help.  It has been greatly appreciated.  On to my question.  You have helped me with grid coordinates in the past, but I have a quick question for you.  What maps would the US Army have been using as they marched through Germany during WWII?  I have found old maps of Germany from about 1944 (G.S.G.S. 4414/AMS M841, Germany 1:25,000), but I believe these were made from confiscated German maps after the war.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  I have included a link to where I found these maps in case you ever need to use something like this.  Thanks again.

Scroll down and click on German Maps (Topographische Karte 1: 25,000).  I have included the index to the maps.


The US Army had several maps.  The British produced fantastic maps on silk that were meant for airman to escape back to allied lines.  Versions of these were made for local commanders.  A very commonsmap was the situation map to give battlefield command an update as where friendly and enemy units were located on a given front.  These maps were updated daily.  

Other maps
Order of Battle Maps to tell local commoners where they should be and when.
Outline map for seeing the big picture
Strategic Map for planning large scale operations
Tactical map for local battle organization
Hasty Terrain Map a quick survey map for local commander to understand the terrain they were headed into.
The below links will help but the last one is a Gem of a site for Maps.

Enjoy and Thanks for the map.  

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