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QUESTION: Sorry, but i don't have any documents this time. The information i have for my step-dad is as follows:
Guy William Howard
b. 16 Sep 1922
Date of enlistment, 6 Nov 1942 at Cincinnati, Ohio
Info from headstone:
PFC 261st Infantry Co C

Any info you can provide would be most appreciated.
Thanks again
Carl E. Bunch

ANSWER: Dear Sir,
  Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "Any info you can provide would be most appreciated."  The only "info" I can provide is that the 261st Infantry Regiment was assigned to the 65th Infantry Division during WW 2.  What was the stonecutter's source for cutting "261st Infantry" onto PFC Howard's headstone?  Was it Box #6 on page two of PFC Howard's Discharge Documents?  If that is the case, PFC Howard was assigned to the 261st Infantry Regiment when he was discharged.  Was he assigned to the 261st Infantry Regiment prior to V-E Day?  Only a copy of PFC Howard's Discharge Documents can answer that question.  And we both now know who has at least one copy of the Discharge Documents.

  Happy Holidays,
   Richard V. Horrell
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

GWH Army Discharge
GWH Army Discharge  
QUESTION: Dear Richard:
NPRC didn't have any records for Guy W. Howard, however, the county clerk of Rockcastle County, Ky., did find a copy of his record in their files. Is this sufficient for you to work with?

Dear Sir,
       Thank You for your follow-up.  In it you typed "Is this sufficient for you to work with?"  Yes.  Please note Box #6, 261st Infantry Regiment, assigned to the 65th Infantry Division during WW 2.  The 261st Infantry Regiment went overseas to the ETO in January 1945.  Please note Box #36, the first set of dates, horizontally.  PFC Howard went overseas to the ETO in June 1943.  Therefore, the 261st Infantry Regiment was the unit PFC Howard was assigned to after May 8, 1945 to return to the USA.  It was not the unit that PFC Howard served in combat with.  In my OPINION, having the 261st Infantry Regiment on PFC Howard's head stone is mis-leading.  Yes, it was a unit that PFC Howard was assigned to, but not the unit he was assigned to when he defended our great republic.
       Please note Box #31.  PFC Howard was awarded a Combat Infantryman Badge.  The National Defense Act of September 1947 (yes, two years after WW 2 ended) retro-actively awarded a Bronze Star Medal for Valor to those who were awarded a Combat Infantryman Badge during WW 2.  
       Please note Box #32.  PFC Howard participated in three Campaigns:

Northern France        July 25-September 14, 1944
Rhineland          September 15, 1944-March 21, 1945
Central Europe         March 22-May 8, 1945

So we now know PFC Howard arrived on the European Continent between July 25 & September 14, 1944.
       Please note Box #36, the second set of dates horizontally.  Sorry, I could only narrow it down to two troop ships.

Departure Date:   October 4, 1945
Departure Location:   Marseilles, France
Troop Ships:   USAT J.W. McAndrew
         USS General J.C. Breckinridge  AP-176
Arrival Date:   October 13, 1945
Arrival Location:   Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation
    via the Straits of Gibraltar

       I have seen thousands of Discharge Documents.  That one has the entries written in as opposed to typed in is certainly atypical!  
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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