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Dear Paul,
I noticed that you were asked about the POZIT or VT fuse being used in the Battle of the Bulge. It's not commonly known, yet corroborated by Charles B. MacDonald in his book called A Time For Trumpets, the fuse was first used without Eisenhower's approval on the 16th-20th December by 7th Armoured Division. (English spelling)

I am at a loss to know exactly which battalion used it first, but maybe you, or others, can tell me which battalion commander within the 7th Armoured Division authorised it's use?

However, it was 'officially' used by all six artillery battalions on 21st December. After that date, it was then free to be used, authorised (English spelling) by the war Department at Eisenhower's request, thereafter.

As you say, some artillery crewmen loved them, and others not so. And during those cold, misty December days near St. Vith and Bastogne, the fuses often detonated too early, and subsequently weren't as effective the original Naval version, was intended.

Keep up the good work.

Jeff Glover
(Don't need to check spelling, I prefer English english to American)

The best information I have is the 62nd Field Artillery Battalion were the first units to use the POZIT in battle. Eisenhower indeed didnít want the shell used for fear that the Germans might get a hold of one and reverse engineer it.   The Germans had reverse engineered the Bazooka which came as a nasty surprise to Allied tankers. The first use to POZIT shell was reported near Monschau which was in the 62nd battle zone.
I hope this helps and thank you.

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