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Dear Sir, I have recently acquired my late Grandfathers Army records for WWII. He was in the 110th Combat Engineers BN. From what I am told he never spoke about his service and disposed of his uniform and medals upon his return home. I being a professional picture framer I often make shadow boxes for Vets and or their families. I thought I should do this for my Grandfather as well.

My questions are in regards to his awards. Some are easy to discern and I will not include them however as I have read the Bronze Stars are a bit confusing.

Recommended for Bz. Sv Arrowhead per WD Cir 455 Landed with assault waves 20 1015 Oct 44 at Dulag, Leyete PI (I do not see where this was awarded or Auth. Unsure as to how this works.)

For sv in Battle of Leyte, PI awarded 1 Bronze Star and the Philippine Liberation Medal with 2 Bronze Stars .G.O.1 110 Engr Feb 45

Auth 1 Bronze Star for RYUKYU Campaign GO4 dtd 9 June 45

Atzd Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/2 BzS. made initial landing Under enemy air attack. Over 30 days Sv Sec II WD C11 136 1945

I am curious if This means one Bronze Star for valor and two small Bronze stars for the Liberation of the Philippines medal?

Dear Sir,
  Thank you for your question.  In it you typed that you have your "late Grandfather's Army records for WWII."  While it is wonderful that you are working with all the FACTS, I am not.  It is always best for a Historian to have all the FACTS before them, to insure ACCURATE historic research.  Having typed that, I will do my best to answer your questions, based upon the limited information provided to me.
  In your question you typed "He was in the 110th Combat Engineers BN."  Being originally from Missouri, I am quite familiar with the 110th Engineer Combat Regiment/Battalion, Missouri National Guard.
  In your question you typed "Recommended for Bz. Sv to how this works.)"  The 110th Engineer Combat Battalion made an amphibious assault on October 20, 1944, so those unit members participating in the amphibious assault were authorized for the Bronze Arrowhead to be attached to their PTO Ribbon.
  In your question you typed "For sv in Battle of Leyte, PI.......G.O.1 110 Engr Feb 45"  The 110th Engineer Combat Battalion was authorized to wear the Philippine Liberation Ribbon.  As to the quantity of Bronze Service Stars to be placed upon the ribbon, that varied from soldier to soldier.
  In your question you typed "Auth 1 Bronze Star for RYUKYU [sic] Campaign GO4 dtd 9 June 45"  The 110th Engineer Combat Battalion did participate in the Ryukyus Campaign, March 26-July 2, 1945.  
  In your question you typed "Atzd Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/2.......Sv Sec II WD C11 136 1945".  The Veteran was authorized to be awarded a Philippine Liberation Ribbon with two Bronze Service Stars attached to the Philippine Liberation Ribbon.
  In your question you typed "I am curious if This [sic] means one.......for the Liberation of the Philippine medal?"  Based upon what you have typed, I could find no indication that the Veteran was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for Valor.  Assuming he was an Enlisted Man, what is typed in Box #32 on page two of the Veteran's Discharge Documents?  Box #33?  Those FACTS, which I have not been provided, would certainly assist in answering the question(s).  
  Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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