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My greatgrandfather's brother died while walking down the street returning home from war after the war ended (some women dumped hot oil on him from a 3 storey window.) He was a Catholic and was born on Oct 6 1843 in Lindenau West Prussia. I found his birth record on the Tannsee Catholic Film. Lindenau is situated between Danzig(Gdansk)to the west and Elbing(Elblag) to the east and Marienburg to the south. This district was called Marienburg Werder(Vistula Delta)in the northern part of today Poland.I do not know the regiment he was in nor the name of his commanding officer. I thought a good place to start looking would be to see if he is on a list for conscription. I understand the Churches at the time kept records of all their soldiers. When I keyed in Marienburg Military in the LDS catalogue it shows one Lutheran Military film. Would the Catholic Soldiers be listed on a Lutheran film? Where do you think he would have enlisted in the army or gone for training? Danzig? Elbing? Marienburg? or elsewhere? Which films do you think I should be looking at? Any ideas or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank-You! (P.S. We think it is the Austro-Prussian War in 1866 but not 100% sure.)

This was a HARD one! I do need help with it. I'm asking my old friend lt. col. S. Bojerud who has a big interest in matters like this. I'll come back to you if he can provide us with a solution.

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Col. Bojerud has replied. Unfortunately your question was too hard even for him! Sorry!

I think you should contact the military attaché of the German embassy in your country. There you may find help with this. Good luck!

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