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Hi Trevor,
My father was a vet of WWII lauding from PA. He seldom talked of his time in the military so I know very little. I know he was drafted and if I remember correctly was to have gone in on Normandy Beach eleven days after D-Day. He was wounded and transported to a field hospital. I remember him mentioning he laid in a kind of Devils Den a day and a night before being picked up and taken to the hospital. I remember seeing a newspaper clipping stating he had been wounded and in a hospital near Cherbourg France.Some time later he was moved to a hospital in England and later was in the MP's. I know he was discharged from Indiantown Gap, PA, Dec 1945. Unfortunately I have very little to go on so where do I start? How or where do I go to find out more about his Army history?

Hi Ann

Thanks for the question.

I suppose your best place to start would be to request his file from the archives at

You could also request any pertinent morning reports at

Please be advised:

If you know what unit he was in you could do a Google search of that unit. There may be a website relating to that unit or it's veterans.

There are several books on D-Day that are worth reading, to give you an idea of what went on. Three very good reads are:

D-Day, Antony Beevor
Overlord, Max Hastings
The Longest Day, Cornelius Ryan

I hope this helps in some small way. It is gratifying to see people interested in their family history. I think it's important.



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