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Hello Mr Sutton, you may remember me asking you a number of questions about Nazi Germany a few years ago (I asked about Gustav Hilger, military leadership, amongst other things) and now I'm back with a renewed thirst for knowledge.

My queston is, if I was a time traveller who could go back to 1930s Nazi Germany, what information, future technology, and future knowledge could they gain from me to help them attain victory and thus, re-write hisory? There is one condition for this theoretical hypothesis: no nuclear weapons are allowed.

I'd be intrigued to hear what you have to say, and how this would change the tactics and warfare of Nazi Germany. I'd also like to mention that the inspiration for this idea came after watching an episode of Star Trek, where an alien race accidentally time-warps to Nazi Germany and barters advanced technology, to help them win the war, in exchange for raw materials to build a time conduit.

First I must recommend a book that deals with this subject from The US Civil War called Guns of the South.  The Nazis were very suspicions and giving them knowledge might be detrimental to the time traveler.  If you are going to do this you would most likely go back in time a setup a small company that makes unique weapons that can be duplicated with 1930 and 1940s technology.  If the German had portable antitank rockets the invasion of the USSR would have been far easier so getting the Germans bazooka type weapons years before the US developed them.  As a matter of fact Robert Goddard worked on a man portable rocket at the end of World War 1.  Another technology would be the Sidewinder air to air missile.  The early versions were simple and could be built with 1930 and 1940s technology.  ME-110 armed with Sidewinders would have ended daylight bombing raids into Germany.  At night the Sidewinder would be even better for shooting down British bombers.  As a matter of fact the Germans were experimenting with infrared technology pre World War 2.  So a missile with an infrared guidance system would have been within the technology at that time to build.  Another technology would be digital computers.  Both the US and the British had primitive digital computers by the end of World War 2.  Konrad Zuse had built some experiential digital computers in Germany in the early 1940s but never had the money to make more.  If the Germans had digital computers they could have had unbreakable codes.  
If you would be giving information you would need to find someone to trust.  A high rank General would work for feeding future information that would help the Germans.  Kesselring comes mind as someone who could use future knowledge.  

Thank you and enjoy the links

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