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QUESTION: My father Mathias A. Benner, Army serial # 31220706, from Maine.  Enlisted Feb 1943 and Separated Nov 1945.  Fort Devens, MA.

I am trying to find a photograph of him in his miltary uniform.  Do you have any suggesttions as to where I may fine a picture of him?

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hello Larry , do you have anything that has patch/patches on it ,papers saying what unit/s he was assigned to , uniforms etc ?????? This may help in finding out what unit he was with , then that would help in getting the right online site to ask for the photo/s of him .

Another thing you could try is

Or this site
US Militaria Forum  , it's free to join and post on and is a Big forum with lots of helpful people on WW2 subjects .
Hope this helps , Happy New Year !

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QUESTION: I have tried, no luck.   But,Yes he was with Co B 113th Medical BN 38th Divison saw combat in Luzon and the Phillipines and was also in New Guinea

Hello again Larry , seeing as you know the units he was with , your best bet for finding a photo/s of him in uniform would be to post on the US Militaria Forum  , and also see if there is an online web page for either of the units via a "Reunion" notice for them , that would be a good source I would think with having his serial number, units etc .

Also , I don't know if you have contact with any of his relatives , but if so they may know of photo/s of him ...........................

Good luck and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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